How Much Does It Cost to Respray a Car?

A striking paint job does wonders for your car. It’s easy on the eyes and adds to the aesthetics. Additionally, it acts as a seal, protecting your vehicle from moisture and corrosion. However, auto paint is not permanent as exposure to the elements, minor collisions, dents, scratches, etc., will affect its appearance. Even with paint protection on, you’ll eventually need a respray. This is where questions will randomly pop into your head. How much does it cost to respray a car?  Let’s discuss some important points that influence the costs for a better understanding.

Factors that Affect Car Repaint Costs

How much does a car respray cost? This is the first question that comes to mind. Technically, there are no straightforward answers. You see, various factors will dictate how much you’re charged for the job. Knowing what these are can help you better estimate the price and budget accordingly. After all, you don’t want to make a false assumption and end up paying more than you anticipated.

Here are a few variables that will decide the cost to repaint a car:

  • Size of the Vehicle (for a full respray) – As mentioned above, size matters when repainting. Naturally, painting a smaller automobile like a hatchback is cheaper than, say, a ute. Similarly, respraying a few, selected parts is much more inexpensive.

  • The Extent of Damage (if any) – The cost depends significantly on the damage. If you’ve damaged your car’s paint, the cost of car respray will go up exponentially.
  • Number of Parts to Be Resprayed – If only specific sections of your vehicle need attention, such as the bonnet or door panels, the cost will be lower, compared to a full respray. Conversely, addressing multiple areas or the entire vehicle will incur higher expenses.

  • Prep Work Required – The surface must be repaired and prepped before the paint can be applied. Don’t forget to factor this when calculating your expenses.

  • Colour and Type of Paint – The type of paint and colour you choose also play a significant role in determining the cost. Custom colours or speciality finishes may come at a premium price compared to standard options.
  • Cost of Labour – Labour costs should not be ignored as well. Depending on your location, choice of workshop, experience of the painter, and time required, the cost of labour will differ.

We recommend that you research properly and ask around to compare prices. However, you should never compromise on quality or skill over costs. Now that we’ve addressed the factors, let’s move on to the actual car body repaint cost.

How Much to Respray a Car?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there is no set price for respraying your vehicle. So, how much does it cost to paint a car? On average, the whole thing can set you back anywhere between $500 to $3,500. If we’re talking about partial paint jobs, the numbers come down.

This is the price list of some commonly repainted parts:

  • Bumpers: $150 to $300
  • Doors: $100 to $500
  • Car roof: $200 to $1,000

A full car respray cost also varies depending on the type you want. Most auto workshops will have different packages for auto repaints. Maribyrnong Smash Repairs offers something similar, allowing you to choose one that meets your requirements best. Here are the options-

  • Basic Respray: This option is ideal if you’re working with a tight budget or simply looking to give your car a touch-up. Basic car painting will fix minor scratches and fading. Furthermore, a basic repaint is perfect for an older vehicle or a used one. You can expect to shell out anywhere between $500 to $2000 for this service.

  • Standard Respray: Stepping up a notch, a standard respray provides a more durable finish and a wider selection of colours to choose from. If your vehicle requires some TLC due to damage or wear, this option is worth considering.  A higher-quality finish and paint will have your ride looking almost brand-new again. In terms of auto repaint cost, it’s a little more expensive – between $2,000 to $5,000.

  • Premium Respray: If you’re looking for flawless finish and customisation options, nothing beats a premium respray job. Custom paints, intricate graphics and paint protection are just a few of the choices you’ll get. You’re looking at prices upwards of $5000.

How Much Does It Cost to Respray a Car by Paint Type

There are different auto paints available to car owners. Choosing the right type of paint for your car can significantly affect car respray costs. High-quality ones will be more expensive than those of lower quality. To clear things up, here are some of the most popular auto paints in the market and their price comparison:

  • Lacquer Paint: This is an ideal choice if you’re on a budget. The downside is that it isn’t that durable and needs a lot of maintenance work. A paint protection film is recommended in such cases. However, it can drive costs up a little bit.

    • Price: $50-$150 per litre
  • Urethane Paint: A very popular choice for touch-ups or partial resprays, Urethane auto paint is available in almost every colour. It is probably the best commercially available choice and is much more UV-resistant as well. That being said, it contains chemical hardeners which can make it quite toxic during applications. When it comes to car repainting costs, you can expect to pay a fair bit more than lacquer-based paints.

    • Price: $100-$300 per litre
  • Acrylic Enamel Paint: If you’re looking for a long-lasting paint job, go for acrylic enamel. It forms a hard shell on the metal frame and is very durable. They are available in two types – single-stage and two-stage variants. This is one of the paint types you should always get applied at a workshop. You’ll require specialised equipment to get the best results from the car spray.

    • Price: $70-$200 per litre

In addition to the paint types provided above, the finish also impacts the cost to repaint a car. Here’s what you’re looking at:

  • Solid finish: $70-$105 for 2-3 litres
  • Metallic finish: $120-$130 per litre
  • Pearlescent finish: $250-$2,000 per vehicle

  • Matte finish: $100-$105 per litre

DIY vs. Professional Car Respraying

Even after you’ve made up your mind about the paint type, you may still be asking yourself, “How much is it to respray a car if I visit a workshop?” Perhaps, you may wish to do it yourself. Well, we’re here to tell you that a DIY car respray is not impossible. You need the right tools and skills to pull it off. Even then, experience and knowledge will determine the results as the DIY job may not turn out the way you want.

That is why we recommend visiting a workshop. Professionals, like us at Maribyrnong Smash Repairs, are familiar with the process. We’ve carried out thousands of similar projects and know how to get the best possible outcome. Although the vehicle painting cost may be slightly more expensive than a DIY project, the results speak for themselves. Everything is catered to, from minor repairs to surface prep and the paint application.

How to Hire Car Spray Painters?

“Where do I find auto painters near Maribyrnong?”, is one of the most common questions that comes to mind. Hiring an expert painter for cars is quite simple. All you have to do is contact your local workshop or auto service centre. They’ll inform you if they offer respraying and the costs involved. You’ll also need to enquire about car paint costs if you’ve set your eyes on a particular finish or type. Here are a few tips to hire professional car spray painters near Maribyrnong:

  • Ask for recommendations

  • Check online reviews and ratings

  • Request quotes from several reputable shops

  • Ensure the shop has the necessary certifications and insurance

  • Discuss your expectations with the painters before hiring them

Getting a Car Respray Quote

If you’re looking for a workshop that offers professional car sprays, Maribyrnong Smash Repairs is your go-to expert. We specialise in providing all kinds of auto repainting for different vehicle types. Whether you require a touch-up, partial repaint or a full respray, we have you covered. You can rely on us to deliver the desired results within the given time frame.

Furthermore, our prices are very competitive and pocket-friendly. So, if you have questions like “How much is it to respray a car?” or “How much will it cost to repaint a car?”, get in touch with us. You can call us on 1800 648 888 or email us at for more details.


Car insurance typically covers repainting costs if it’s related to an accident. Some providers may also cover respraying costs as outlined in the policy. So, depending on what your auto insurance specifies, the cost of painting your car may or may not be covered. It’s best to confirm this with your provider before proceeding.

While DIY paint jobs are laudable, they may not deliver the desired results. This may be due to a skill issue or lack of specialised equipment. Instead, delegate this task to experts, like us. We’ll take all your requirements into account before starting. To get a quote or discuss the specifics, please get in touch with our team.